We Went on a Cruise!

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James and I just got back from an amazing cruise touring Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Martin. We booked this cruise months ago when a fellow entrepreneur and dear friend of ours, Dan Miller, posted that they were doing their 48 Days cruise and the cruise theme was “Living Well, Doing Good.” James and I felt it would be a great way to start our year, as well as a great chance to meet more entrepreneurs and do some networking. Then at Christmas, we found out that not only were my parents attending the cruise as well, but so were my 7 siblings! We were all so excited to get to experience a cruise all together.

Our days on the cruise were spent listening to fantastic talks, snorkeling on the islands, eating amazing food served by the Celebrity Silhouette, and meeting wonderful couples who were on this same journey of entrepreneurism. It was so enlightening to spend time with like-minded people. We got so many insights from others, as well as gained confidence in what we are doing. There is nothing like surrounding yourself with people who love the same things you do.

At the end of the trip, we decided it best to go ahead and book a second cruise before getting off the boat. Originally I didn’t think I would enjoy a cruise as much as our regular vacations, but the food, shows, and rooms were fantastic, and it was a perfect way to see new places. We booked our second cruise to Alaska with another one of the dear couples we met during our time on the ship. I cannot wait for that cruise to happen!

As much as I could continue to chat on and on, I know pictures speak a thousand words, so here are some of the highlights from our trip. 🙂

Dan Miller using his wine glass analogy to explain how we are to give of ourselves in business

with the money and time we are given.

El Murro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

My sister, Grace is so cute! <3 

The amazing door knobs and knockers on the doors in Puerto Rico.. <3 

My adorable parents! 

The handsome brother!

Puerto Rico is my new favorite place to do photography. Seriously, this town is amazing! I need to do a photography workshop here. Anybody up to join me?!

We ate dinner at the El Convento and got to hang out with John Lee Dumas of the EOFire Podcast. 

The gorgeous island of St. Martin

Dad giving a fantastic talk on the importance of Worship, Work, and Play in our lives.

Hanging out with Dante, one of the fantastic actors from the theater shows on the cruise. 

 We had an amazing time! Cannot wait for the next adventure!

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