Our visit to Franklin, TN

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As most of you probably saw, if you follow my Instagram stories, James and I recently took a trip to Franklin, TN. We have a lot of friends down there and one of the families hired me to come down and capture their business profiles for the website that James is designing for them. On June 13th, we packed up the car and headed out on the road for Franklin, TN!

One of the things that is great about long trips is that it gives you time to just talk. My dad calls it windshield time. Because James and I both work from home though and don’t have any kids that take up our time yet, windshield time for us tends to get pretty quiet because we’re all talked out! Because of this, one of our favorite things to do is listen to entrepreneur podcasts while on the road. After a podcast finishes, we talk about what we just learned and how we could apply this to our business. A few of our favorites are “Professional Christian Coaching Today” by Christopher McCluskey, (Yes… That’s my dad’s podcast!) “Entrepreneur On Fire” by John Lee Dumas, and “Goal Digger” by Jenna Kutcher. We have learned so much from listening to these inspiring people who, as JLD says, are “on fire” about their businesses and the entrepreneur lifestyle!

We arrived at the Slingerland’s home Tuesday evening, just in time for Jamie’s famous grilled salmon on his Green Egg grill. It was out of this world! Hands down, best salmon I’ve ever had! The evening was spent enjoying time with Jamie and Ruthie and talking about life.

The rest of the week was filled with business shoots, regular business work, amazing food, great conversations, and exploring downtown, historic Franklin. We also got spoiled by Jamie and Ruthie, Dan and Joanne Miller, and Don and Anne Denmark as all of them took us out to dinner on different nights. It was so great catching up with all of them and deepening our friendship. We left Franklin full hearts and bellies. 😉

On our way home, we stopped in Memphis, TN to visit with James’ Aunt Connie and Uncle Hugh. We had a relaxing evening with them, again, with amazing dinner at an Italian restaurant. Then finished the night off with a soak in their pool and margaritas poolside! Doesn’t get better than that! Oh how badly I wish I were there right now instead of cramped in my office chair!

For the next few days, it’s nose to the grindstone while we work to get caught up on work and then prepare for another trip, this time out to Austin, TX to visit James’ family. If you would like to follow along with our trip and the daily, random happenings in our life, you can follow me on Instagram @alyssajeanlewis 🙂 I try to post regularly to Instagram stories, although, I can’t promise they will always be exciting! I still tend to get the stone, awkward face whenever the camera is on me. Maybe one day I’ll conquer that area of business! Haha!

Enjoy our trip in the pictures below!

Alyssa Jean

2017-06-23_0002.jpgEditing with my little buddy
2017-06-23_0003.jpgSuch a great restaurant!
2017-06-23_0012.jpgPhoto credit: Jamie Slingerland with his iPhone 7+!
2017-06-23_0008.jpgJames loved the Savory Spice Shop!
I love finding artists just painting on the side of the street!
2017-06-23_0006.jpgMade a friend with Slingerland’s youngest. ❤️
2017-06-23_0011.jpgAren’t they just the cutest!!! Jamie and Ruthie ❤️
2017-06-23_0013.jpgGotta grab some business shots of ourselves whenever you find good lighting and a good back drop!Business photos with Anne Denmark! They turned out so well! The picture I got of Anne and Don is to die for! I just love it!

Dinner with Dan and Joanne Miller! Burger Up is a new favorite for me!
2017-06-23_0017.jpgThe whole, crazy, Slingerland family! Love them!
2017-06-23_0015.jpgI finally got to visit Amelia’s Flower Truck! Scratch that off my bucket list!
2017-06-23_0016.jpgSuch gorgeous flowers!