Using Time Wisely

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It’s that time of year again! January has hit! It is cold, the leaves are gone and all you want to do is stay inside with your blankets and fuzzy socks and drink hot chocolate all day. I know that’s what I’m doing to keep warm and cozy!

During the cold, winter months many photographers see a lull in their businesses during January through March because of the freezing cold. This time of a lull is the best time for working on other areas of the business and getting caught up!

Here are some great ideas to keep you busy during the dreary months! 

Build or fix up your website

Our websites are always needing to be updated with new pictures, information or different prices. This is the perfect time to spend time on the website that got behind during all that shooting and editing!

Order new business cards

Whether you’re designing a new business card look or just needing to order more cards, this is a great time to do it.

Work on your camera skills 

You can work on learning better lighting, color, and focus with your camera without ever needing to leave the house! This is also a great time to practice posing details for those wedding detail shots inside. Watch some tutorials on YouTube or other sites to grow more in your understanding of photography.

Learn how to edit faster and better

Just as you can learn more about camera, this is a perfect time to work on learning how to edit better. If all you’ve ever used is Photoshop, now is your time to try a free trial of Lightroom or vise versa! Both programs are great for editing, but each has it’s specialties. Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn how to use Actions in Photoshop or Presets in Lightroom, this is a great time to watch tutorials, learn, and practice. This will also help you in developing your photography style, if you’re still working on that.

Look into systems that will make running your business easier

There are some GREAT websites that are all about helping you run your business more smoothly. Who doesn’t need that!? 17Hats, Honey Book, and WeDoBoring are great systems that you should look into!

Stretch yourself with creativity by shooting in the cold, dreary weather or bright, afternoon sun

It’s going to happen someday. A wedding on a cold, dreary day or bright sunny afternoon. The client can only do the shoot on the worst day or possible hour of day and you have to work with it. Instead of freaking out right before hand, start practicing now. Find a good friend or sibling who it willing to fight the cold or dreary day and take them out for practice shooting. Find creative ways to make the background still beautiful. This is also a great time to work on new posing ideas.

Update equipment

Whether it’s a new external hard drive (boring!) or a new lens or computer (!!), now would be the time to do the research into it and figure out if you have the money now or if you need to begin saving for it. This is also a great time to send in your lenses or bodies for cleanings and inspections to make sure they’re in tip top shape for the new season.

Get your taxes done now

I know… We all hate taxes, but wouldn’t it be better to get them out of the way now so that when wedding and senior season hits in April, you’re not frantically trying to get taxes finished too?

Get the odds and ends stuff finished up

Maybe it’s printing out more contracts so you’re ready for clients, maybe it’s putting together a contract or editing an old one. It could be buying shipping materials, cleaning up your office space or redecorating, stocking up on supplies or creating a logo you’ve been saying you want, but keep having to put off. This is the time to do it all.

So now that I’ve given you a list of things to keep you busy, get on it! Write a list for yourself that you keep handy and start scratching them off the to-do list! I suggest using Trello to coordinate your workflow. You will feel so much more prepared and ready for photography season when it starts back up again!

Get out there and hustle!

Alyssa Jean <3