Jacob & Stephanie | Anniversary Session

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I met Stephanie years ago via Facebook. She was good friends with a lot of my cousins, so I added her. Shortly after that we began chatting and became actual friends as we chatted about life, marriage, and babies. <3 Amazingly, we have never met in person until this past Sunday! I love meeting people I’ve become friends with over the internet for the first time. It’s so special! 

Instantly, you could feel the love between these two. They’ve been married now for 3 and 1/2 years and have an adorable little boy. Their photos have so much joy in them. It makes me happy and I feel so blessed to capture a joyful love like theirs. Jacob and Stephanie were one of two winners of a model call I did on Facebook a few weeks back.

Stay tuned for the second couple coming in May! Until then, enjoy these beautiful images. <3